I'm glad you asked!

COMFORT ZONE first opened for business January, 1999 in Hinsdale, NY. Since then, all of us have worked hard to build a solid reputation with our customers and we continue to work hard to earn their confidence and respect. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and in doing every job right! In fact, our motto is: Every job. Right. Every time.

We recommend and quote the best equipment for each individual customer, according to their needs and wants, using the best materials possible. Although, we don't make the equipment, our installations are absolutely the best in quality and precision. Our technicians are highly qualified and we do not allow short cuts of any kind. Ever. Job performance must meet COMFORT ZONE's high standards. Our skill and knowledge of every job is a source of company pride…we DO NOT GUESS.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest company with the cheapest price. Our goal is to consistently uphold our promise to you to be the best in personal service, the best in expertise and the best in craftsmanship. And respecting your home while we are your guest is a top priority. Our customers confirm it! We have built a reputation in excellence and take great pride in the hard work performed at COMFORT ZONE.

We consistently give our customers what they want-the best workmanship, the best product for their money, and the best of our experience and knowledge. Every time.

Steve Baldwin, Owner